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Back Pain Control Has Never Been Easier

Are you among the 28% of men who have experienced lower back pain? Perhaps it’s not just your back that suffers but also – your head, neck, shoulders, or hips? It’s time to break this pain cycle. So I created Smart Back for Life, a unique program for men like us.

Forget about temporary fixes. This method is about getting to the core of the problem with brain retraining and new habit development.

Here’s what you WON’T need:

  • Reliance on pills or medications
  • Time-consuming massages or acupuncture
  • Investment in gimmicky props and mattresses
What you WILL gain:
  • Proven strategies based on the latest research in neuromuscular health
  • A life liberated from the clutches of back pain

As a fire performer and Guinness World Record holder, I’ve been through the wringer with back pain. But I’ve turned my struggle into a solution, and now I’m here to guide you on your journey to a pain-free back.

Act Now: Time is Ticking

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Slots are limited, and I want you to be part of this transformative journey.








We’ve got your back

Get the most out of the program without bearing the burden

What’s in the complete Smart Back Package?

  • A simple 90-day program consisting of user-friendly daily lessons that take 2-3 minutes to watch, helping you implement new habits that will literally reconstruct your back from within
  • Personalized support through a chat with one of our back restructuring specialists
  • Daily guidance in our private chat group - the Smart Back Pack
  • Encouragement and support from people who had lost hope like you and are now getting rid of their back pain forever

You Might Think,
“This Guy is NUTS.”

Yeah, I get it all the time. How can you possibly believe something you didn’t experience, right? But hear me out. As a fire performer, constantly on the road, performing dangerous stunts, and pushing my body to extremes, I learned a few unconventional truths about back pain.

It’s not just about age or weight. We’ve been misled to believe that strong backs come solely from losing
weight, lifting weights, endless massages, or popping pain relievers.

But those are just band-aids, not solutions. At Smart Back, we’re not about temporary fixes. No more weight loss pressures, no more grueling weight lifting, no pillows, no painkillers, no massage sessions. Our method zeroes in on the root cause of your back pain.

Here’s what you’ll experience:

Gradual Relief: Experience a decrease in backaches as you progress through our 90-day program. It’s about developing habits that bring lasting change, not just temporary relief.

Flexibility Boost: We aim for a spine and joints that move smoothly, maintaining flexibility for all movements.

From Heavy to ‘Floating’: Combat the gravity that weighs you down. Our program teaches you to ease
and move your muscles for that ‘floating’ feeling.

Targeted Muscle Growth: By focusing on specific muscles, you’ll see quicker, more effective results
as you rebuild from within.

Real talk, Brant. What this program is and isn’t?


Don’t sign up if you’re NOT self-driven.
You have to work on this yourself, but you’re not alone. You’ll join me and a group of men on WhatsApp who understand exactly what a ‘shitty backache’ feels like.


If you’re seeking instant miracles, this isn’t for you.
We promise progressive, long-lasting relief. This isn’t a quick fix; it’s about rewiring your brain and resetting your nervous system.


This is not your solution if you require professional medical treatment.
I’m not a doctor or physiotherapist. My approach comes from personal experience, overcoming back pain that threatened my career as a fire performer. Now, at 50, I’m still moving and performing with the vigor of my youth, free from backaches and fear.

Ready to join the back pain management revolution?

Meet the Person Who’s Put His Back into Your Back

Hey, I’m Brant, and I had a backache.

I’ve always been an avid skateboarder. I skate every day. I love the thrill! But my love for this sport gave me a shooting back pain that started from my butt and then gradually moved up towards my lower back. It made it hard for me to walk sometimes.

That crippling pain was not from the act of skateboarding or from the numerous falls I had from doing tricks. Skateboarding is a one-sided sport.
I used my left body so much that my left leg was bigger than my right leg!
Over time, this imbalance made my body crooked.

Over time, my crooked body twisted my spine. I tried taking meds – Ibuprofen, opioid pills, Advil. I went to doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and massage therapists. I even bought silly tools like a lumbar pillow, massage tools, and healing patches.

None of it worked. They only gave me temporary relief. Soon after the meds and the therapy were gone, the crippling back pain returned again and again and again.I searched for other ways to resolve my problem, and then I found it.

My Epiphany

Upon reading Bruce Lipton’s The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, & Miracles, I discovered the brain’s power in relieving my pain. I won’t digress too far into complicated science, so bear with me.

Our brains are continuously adapting, changing, and sending signals to our cells. One protein called EMP (Epithelial Membrane Protein) plays a big role in processing brain signals. It absorbs these signals and directs the cells to perform their tasks.

What if I use EMP and focused thought to treat my back pain?

It was a turning point that led me to adopt yoga, particularly the sun salutation, as part of my daily routine. This not only stretched my body but also began rebalancing it and kept my flesh factory working against gravity.

Using behavioral science techniques, I focused on shifting from automatic, habitual responses to more deliberate, thoughtful engagement of my brain. It was about using my mind to actively and constantly counteract the effects of gravity on my body, turning every stretch into an opportunity to strengthen and align my spine.

From Pain to Empowerment: Creating Smart Back For Life

As I began to see and feel the changes, hope emerged. My body became more flexible, and I could sense a new harmony. This journey inspired me to create the “Smart Back For Life” program, to share this holistic approach that integrates mind, body, and the laws of nature. 

Pain is our path. It’s a message from your body, a guide showing you what’s working and what’s not. I learned to see pain not as a problem but as a pathway to understanding and aligning my body and mind.

In “Smart Back For Life,” I’m not just offering a program but sharing a new way of life. It’s a journey of transformation, where pain becomes a powerful teacher, guiding us towards a stronger, more harmonious existence with our bodies and nature.

The Smart Back for Life Back ALARM System

Awareness: Think of this as noticing when your back pain ‘alarm’ goes off. Science says being aware of your pain and understanding it’s not just a physical thing (your brain plays a big role!) is the first step in managing it.

Learning: This is about learning new things about your back like a mechanic learns about an alarm. Your brain can actually change (scientists call this ‘neuroplasticity’) when you learn new habits and ways to move.

Adaptation: Just like adjusting an alarm’s settings, you learn to move and sit easily on your back. It’s about making small changes to your daily routine based on what experts know about the body (kinesiology) and comfortable positions (ergonomics).

Reinforcement: Keep practicing these new habits. It’s like testing your alarm regularly to make sure it works right. Science tells us that repeating good habits makes them stick.

Mindfulness: Pay attention to what your body tells you, like listening to an alarm. Mindfulness
and meditation can actually change how your brain reacts to pain, making it easier to handle.

What will you be going through in the next 90 days?

What experts say about building healthier habits for your back

Story Time: How These People Went
from “Painful” to “Pain-free”

- John, Stroke Recovery Patient

“As a stroke survivor, I found hope in the unlikeliest of places – my own brain’s ability to heal. Through exercises that seemed almost impossible initially, I retrained my body using my brain to relieve my lower back pain, walk, and talk again. It was a journey of small, steady steps, literally and figuratively, but each brought me closer to recovery. My experience is a testament to the brain’s remarkable power to adapt and overcome.”

- Dr. Alan, Neuroscientist and Researcher

“In my quest to enhance my brain’s capabilities, I turned to neuroscience and developed exercises tailored to my [neck pain] needs. These routines not only sharpened my cognitive functions but also proved the incredible adaptability of the human brain. It’s a journey of self-improvement that has reshaped my understanding of the brain’s potential for growth and change.”

- Joey, Athlete

“Retraining my brain was a game-changer for me. The personalized exercise and stretching routine, along with ergonomic and lifestyle advice, not only alleviated my chronic back pain but also restored my quality of life.”

- Carson, Former Athlete and Lifestyle Coach

“After leaving competitive sports due to chronic back pain, rewiring my brain program was my lifeline. Learning specific exercises and stretches targeted at my pain brought improvement in just weeks.”

Smart Back Best Fits Men Who Experience

  • Lower back pain
  • Side muscle aches
  • Football-player-stiff shoulders
  • Numb butt cheeks
  • Middle back cramps
  • “Tech neck” stiff neck
  • Social media strain pain
  • Upper back dull ache
  • Couch back pain
  • Mild spine muscle aches
  • Throbbing tailbone
  • Can’t-bend-over strain pain
  • Left side sleep ache
  • Right side sleep ache
  • Work-from-home back pain
  • Getting-up-quickly lower back strain

The Smart Back Program Will Give You:

The Method

Science-backed, proven and tested plan

The Smart Back’s approach is the backbone of the program. It is structured guidance to eradicate back pain and gain brain-spine balance within 90 days, with a weekly short live video lecture.

The Community

Mutual support and commitment with men in the same situation – the Smart Back Pack.

Community support can be a game-changer! As part of your journey with The Smart Back, you’ll be welcomed into our active Facebook group and a dedicated WhatsApp group for cycle participants. This way, you’re never alone and always have a helping hand within reach.

The Support

Personalized guidance and tips on a daily basis

Each participant will receive daily guidance from Brant via a private chat. This ensures you have the support you need for every challenge or question that may arise on your journey.

In addition, you get these bonuses:

What do we mean by full insurance on your results? 

We Mean:

Money-back guarantee within 14 days if you’re unhappy with your results.

If you feel like you aren’t getting the results you wanted or you don’t have time for the program, we’ll reimburse your money. Once you’re out, you are ineligible until the next year’s cycle.

Access to a special program after the holidays.

Brant will give an exclusive program designed to rebalance the brain and spine after the holidays and prepare it for the daily grind again.

A VIP seat on Brant’s Winter Program.

The frigid season can throw our body out of balance and freeze our spine. Muscle tightness and spasms occur as our bodies conserve heat by reducing blood flow. When it’s cold outside, we tend to be less active and spend more time indoors on beds or couches. This lack of movement can lead to stiffness and weakness in the back muscles.

You can explore what we have to offer and make an informed decision within
the next 14 days. During this period, if you feel the program isn’t a fit for you,
you can opt-out and receive a full refund, no questions asked.

And if you choose to stick with us, rest assured, we have many other programs for you!

To put it plainly – we’ve got your back and will risk it all for you!

Won’t you give us a try?

Let’s Summarize What You’ll Get:

  • A science-backed, proven, and tested plan to alleviate back pain and align your spine within 90 days.
  • Daily personalized guidance from Brant, giving you the support you need throughout your journey.
  • Membership in an active, supportive Facebook and WhatsApp group of fellow cycle participants.

And let’s not forget the bonuses:

  • Bonus #1 - Brant’s complete sleep-well system that doesn’t involve buying any props or tools
  • Bonus #2 - An exclusive copy of The Smart Back ebook
  • Bonus #3 – Lifetime access to the program
  • Bonus #4 - Access to the downloadable Smart Back content for people who are on the road or are going through a busy season
And to top it all off, you also get:
  • A full guarantee on your results! This includes a money-back guarantee within 14 weeks.
  • Access to a special program after the holidays to realign your spine post-celebrations.
  • A VIP seat on Brant’s Winter Program to combat the spine-stiffening effects of the cold season.

The next group launches soon.

Honestly, Is The Smart Back Worth It?

Consider this: most back pain management programs out there will provide you with two choices: either pricey private sessions with a physical therapist costing $1,000-2,000 per month, with no support in-between, or a bargain, a monthly one-hour massage charging $35-$50 that only lasts for a few hours. Don’t even get me started on medications or surgeries that can rack up a bill of $50,000 to $100,000+ a year…

We are devoted to offering you a tailored, high-quality program specifically designed for busy men, but at a price that’s genuinely accessible.

Moreover, in our opinion, when you manage to eliminate your back pain and keep it at bay forever, then we’ve accomplished our mission and our success stories become inspirations for others!

We’ve given serious thought to the price that would allow those who are truly committed to join us, while still enabling us to deliver top-tier guidance and service.

In short, here’s the total investment to achieve
a smarter back…

Still on the fence? We totally get it.

That’s why The Project Back Pain offers a 90-day trial period!

We aren’t some huge corporation, and we never plan to be one. So, to take all the risk off your shoulders, we’re offering a complete 90-day money-back guarantee on the program.


Once you’ve signed up, you’ll have a chance to explore our approach, the content we provide, and the support we offer. If you decide it’s not for you, just shoot us a message, and we’ll refund your investment, no questions asked.

Having a hard time staying on track?

We’ve got a 180-day commitment guarantee for you! Besides that, you’ll get personal support from Brant and the community so you stay pumped and motivated to achieve a smarter back.

Have you embarked on the program, stayed committed, but somehow things went sideways?

Suddenly swamped at work or home and found it hard to keep up? No worries. Just give us a heads up in the private chat, we’ll take note of where you left off so you can jump back in whenever you’re ready, at no additional charge.

Now, take us for a test drive?

Got More Questions About
The Smart Back?

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We’re here to help guide you on your journey to achieve a smarter back.

Remember, no question is too big or small when it comes to your health.

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